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Welcome to – Your information site for 100% legal online casino PA. Great news for all Pennsylvania residents, online gaming is now 100% legal. Thanks to the H 271 bill signed by Governor Tom Wolf on 26th October 2017. Pennsylvania resident can join the online action today. They’re many types of games available in online casinos these days. Indeed players can play different variations of video slot, poker, roulette, and blackjack. But did you know that some games offer better payout than others? Honestly, it’s important to know them all to become profitable quickly. But also, to understand the basics of a legal online casino PA. Sure, online casinos and land-based casino are similar. But still, they’re a few key differences you should know before joining one.

To help people like yourself placing their first online wager, we’ve created this website. Here you’ll find everything there is to know about online casino PA. Ready to get started?Pennsylvania Online Casino

A brief walk through the history of casinos in Pennsylvania…

To understand today’s legislation, it’s important to know how it all started. In fact, it’s hard to believe that before 2004 gambling was illegal in the Keystone state. Let’s walk through the past decade together.

2004 – Video slots in horse tracks, resorts, and slot parlours

Did you know that Pennsylvania has the 2nd largest gambling economy in the US today? Of course, Nevada holds the pole position. But Pennsylvania has 12 land-based casinos, so we can’t forget about them either.

The gaming industry started in 2004 when horse tracks and resorts started to offer Slots. In fact, that year alone 61,000 slot games were introduced in an existing establishment. So, Pennsylvania created the Gaming Control Board (PGCB) to regulate the immerging industry. At the time, the Gaming Control Board authorized 14 vendors to have slots on their premises.

2006 – More licenses for horse racing tracks and brick and mortar casinos

December 20, 2006, marked the first step toward the expansion of the gaming industry. Just a bit before Christmas the PGCB authorized 11 more licenses. There’s no doubt that many residents appreciated casino entertainment. In fact, so much so that 10 of these new license holder decided to expand their establishment by 2010. Perhaps to cater for the new law. that was coming?

2010 – Table games are legalized!

As you’ve read above before 2010 only slot machines were legal in Pennsylvania. But in 2010 the gaming industry took a major turn when the PGCB legalized table games. Which meant, that people of Pennsylvania could legally play roulette, blackjack, and poker. The same year, Sands Bethlehem, Parx Casino, and Harrah’s Chester reported immense profits. These 3 casinos were the industry leader in the industry that was worth $2.49 billion.

2012- a year of rumours and profits!

If you remember, the rumours about the legalization gambling in PA started then. Perhaps, this had a lot to do with the national ban placed on online poker. But certainly, the $3.16 billion profits had much to do with it. One would think that the governors of the state saw potential in online gambling.

2015 to 2016 – The industry stabilized

Stabilised or stagnated, this is the question? But that year the industry saw an all-time high profit of $3.2 billion in revenue. When you think of it’s a meagre increase of 1.27% in 4 years. Perhaps it became clear to the state government that the industry needed to go online. Especially since NJ was reporting extremely good numbers and no problems at all.

2017- Online Casino PA are legal!

PGCB agreed to give operators 3 types of online licenses, slot, table games, and poker. Each online certificates would cost the operators $4 million. Land-based casinos can buy the 3 certificates in a bundle for $10 million. The certificates are likely to be in demand since there only 36 available. So we think that PGCB stands to make around $360 million. Of course, not all licenses will be sold at the same price. So, the above figures are an extrapolation of possible profits for the state. Plus, let’s not forget that online casino operators will have to pay taxes on their profits. They are 3 different tax rates and they go as follow 16% for poker, 16% for table games, and 54% for slots. The high-profit margin of slots explains the higher percentage.PA Online Casino

How to identify a legal online casino PA?

It’s pretty easy! The first steps in identifying a 100% legal online casino PA are:

1- Know your local casinos!

According to PGCB, only land-based casinos can operate a legal online casino PA. So, if you’ve been to a brick and mortar casino in the PA state, chances are it will soon be available online too.

2- Look at the footer of the website

If you don’t live in the capital, your knowledge of casinos is perhaps not as good as someone who does. If it’s your case you should pay special attention to the footer of the casino website. Indeed, only the legal online casino PA can display a license number. Remember, you can also do some research online. Check if the online casino PA you want to sign-up at has an offline casino.

3- In doubt visit these casinos

Of course, as the market grows we’re likely to see more than one online casino PA open. But at the moment you should know that they’re only a hand full that are 100% legal. This is the case for Parx online casino and PlaySugar House online casino.Pa Online Casino

Why play at a 100% legal online casino PA?

They’re many reasons why you should play in only 100% legal online casino PA. Firstly, you’ll get a much better game selection. Plus you’ll have the guarantee that the games will work well and that the payouts are fair. But also you’ll find that legal online casino PA tempts to have:

Better customer care

We think that in the coming months the competition will increase. Of course, many will offer awesome bonuses to attract new players. while others will create bespoke promotions. Fundamentally, its excellence in customer care that keeps casino players happy. We honestly think that legal kasinos tempt to invest more time and money in staff training. Which results in better knowledge of casino games and better player support.

A guarantee when you win!

When you win money in an online casino PA, you’re always guaranteed to get it. The law is on your side should you have any problem. But more importantly, you’ll have access to easy ways to withdraw your winnings. Which means you can treat yourself as you deserve it.

Safe and secure

online casino PA has very strict data protection policy in place just like the NJ online casinos. Which means both your personal information and your payment details are encrypted. Legal casinos use the highest technology available to protect their players. So you can play with complete peace of mind knowing that your details will never fall into the hands of hackers.

Ready to get started?

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Remember, knowledge is power! When it comes to playing casino for real, you want to have as much power as possible. Enjoy!