6 Mini-Casinos will open in Pennsylvania soon!

We already feel the positive impact the legislation changes are having in Pa! Indeed, according to the headlines, 6 new mini-casinos will open in Franklin County very soon. According to the news. The PGCB (Pennsylvania State Gaming Board) is holding an auction for those who want to buy a license. According to our sources, the auctions are at the end of February. In case, you wondered the bid for a mini-casino license averages $40.1 million. And the bid for a large casino averages $50.1 million. In a word, the PA state could make $240 million from this auction. Of course, Pa resident will benefit from these revenues. Additionally, when a company wins a bid, they have 6 months to submit the development plans and find a site to build on.6 Mini-Casinos will open in Pennsylvania soon!

What’s a mini-casino?

In the first place, you may wonder what’s a mini-casino. To be frank, we also wondered and we’ve done the research. According to the PSGB, a mini-casino is a building that can have slots and table games. In fact, the law allows mini-casinos to have 30 table games, like roulette, poker, and blackjack. Also, these establishments can have up to 700 slots on their floors. It’s worth knowing that even if it may seem like an
establishment of a sizable scale. The largest casinos in Pa can now have more than 200 classic game tables and 5,000 slots. Currently, PA is home to 10 large casinos and 2 mini-casino are in development.

New casinos means new jobs

Given the size of these upcoming casinos, we can think that new jobs will appear. Which is always great for everyone. Can’t wait to hear the results of the auction, and to knowh which cool company is opening a casino next? Make sure to bookmark this site we’ll follow the subject for you.