Gamesys launches Agatha Christie video slot

On November 17th, the creators of The God Father video slot announced another important game release. Indeed, this time Gamesys invites its players to jump onboard the Orient Express.

Following the news, Sameer Malik, Games Producer at Gamesys said. “This game is a big milestone for us. It is the first real money venture slot that is completely developed by our Social Studio. This game has a faster new RGP engine. We’re delighted to release it at the same time as the new film to make the most of the hype around it.”

The Agatha Christie-themed slot should soon be available in the lobby of PlaySugar House. PlaySugar House casino is the only 100% legal Pa casino that distributes Gamesys slot. But strangely, we’ve not seen it in the casino lobby yet. And that is even if Gamesys announce it was available. We think it won’t take too long before the game will show up.Gamesys launches Agatha Christie video slot

Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express Video Slot

According to the game logo and press release, the action of this slot takes place on the famous train after a murder. The players will play detective to identify the guilty. The bonus games allow players to pick a suspect and win coins or extra multipliers for the free spins round.

The Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express video slot has a 1930’s jazz theme to it and a great RTP according to the PR. We’re really looking forward to trying it and cannot wait for Sugar House to release it.

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