Online gambling is coming this winter – or is it?

Ever since the legalization of gambling in Pa. We’ve all been wondering when will online casinos be legal… And when will the PGCB accept applications. Well great news, it looks like the waiting period is over. Indeed, anyone who visits the offices of the PGCB these days can see this note. “ Applications for Interactive Gaming Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Interactive Gaming Service providers will be accepted April 2, 2018. PLEASE NOTE: The date for acceptance of Interactive Gaming Platform Provider applications will come in the future. “Online gambling is coming this winter – or is it?

What does it mean in every day’s term?

In essence, we can deduct that the PGCB received many inquiries to have to put up a notice. So, it’s encouraging for us as casino players. But, even if the licenses are in high demands, only 13 operators will receive one this year. Why lucky 13? Well, its to account for the 12 largest casinos in Pa, plus one for the new casino project. For the most part, we think that the current Pa casinos will buy the licenses quickly. But, in any event, that the licenses at not sold. The PGCB will accept exterior applicants.

Who can apply for the license?

Currently, it seems pretty much anyone can! In fact, judging by the notice at the PGCB door. It’s likely they’ll accept applications from operators, game distributors, and even platform providers. Even if anyone can apply it does not mean that everyone will get a license.
In fact, according to our sources, the applicant must first complete a 60 pages document. Then, follow up with justification documents that will prove the stability of the company. Even if the process is sometimes lengthy, we’re hopeful that the licenses will be grated quickly and that soon players all over the Keystone state will enjoy betting online. Some even think that new online casinos PA will appear by the end of this year. Let’s see!