Parx Casino want to limit the numbers of skin sites in PA

Parx Casino want to limit the numbers of skin sites in PA. With the imminent arrival of online casinos in Pa, some wonder how it will affect the current industry. It is true that, when looking at New Jersey’s success, many are hopeful. But, some are concern about customer cannibalization. It’s the case for Parx Casino. Indeed, according to our sources, Parx Casino sent a letter to the PGCB about temporary regulation. In it, 2 points stood out. First, Parx Casino wishes to limit the number of skins to one for each licensee. Second, Parx casino would like any skin to match, or be more or less the same, as the mother brand.Parx Casino want to limit the numbers of skin sites in PA

What’s a casino skin?

In short, only existing casinos can own a skin or a white label. A white label always has a bespoke website with a unique brand image to cater for a larger audience. But, even if the brands are different, the games and the payment methods are the same. Since they’re regulated by the mother brand license. Additionally, skins can host exclusive promotions that players won’t find on mother brand site. There’s no doubt that when a market accepts skins, the casino players have more choices. Which means, casinos have more competitive welcome bonuses to attract more players. But the casinos’ margins are slimmer, which is why they have to have skins to get a better share of the market.

Is this a reasonable demand from Parx casino?

Frankly, we’re not sure why Parx is making such demands. In fact, if we keep NJ in mind. We think if such limitations were in place the garden state would not have had this much success. Of course, all markets are different. Maybe, Parx is hoping its great reputation will prevail in a competitive industry and see benefits in limiting the players’ options. Who knows? But one thing is certain, here at we’re in favors of skins. We believe that players should have more choices. Also, we like to promote generous bonuses because we know you’ll love to claim them.