Pennsylvania the Skins issue!

Pennsylvania the Skins issue! If you’ve been following the headlines, you already know that the application process for operators and distributors in PA is just about to start. Indeed the PGCB is currently drafting temporary regulation and they’ll accept bids for licenses from April to June.

As we progress through the natural steps in market legislation, one question remains unclear. Will PA accepts Skins or not? If you’ve been following us, you already know that some casinos are in favor of skins while others prefer to give online exclusivity to existing land-based casinos. For the most part, everyone has a valid opinion about that. But it’s a controversial subject since New Jersey accepts skins and they’re proving to generate a lot of revenues. Especially when we look at the Golden Nugget, the current market leader, who offers skins to a few well-known brands like Betfair.PGCB

Kevin O’Toole, Executive Director at the PGCB, reacted.

The current application processes will not take the skins into account according to him. And actually, the substance of the upcoming legislation on the skin subject isn’t clear at all. But according to O’Toole, he hopes they will be ready for the board’s next meeting on April 2nd.

Which means that as early as next week we could have an answer to the question that is on everyone’s lips at the moment.

As a player should you want Pennsylvania to approve skins?

Absolutely! More skins mean more choices when it comes to promotions and casino bonuses. Granted that the skin site always offers the same games and payment methods as the “mother site.” But still, skins can create their own promotions and sometimes even get exclusive games.

There’s no doubt that as a player, the more choices you have, the better it is. Since the online casinos will have to double their efforts to keep you happy and will give you more! So let’s see what happens with the skins… We’ll probably know more about it by next week…