Valley Forge Casino Resort lift its membership fee

Valley Forge Casino Resort lift its membership fee. On 3rd November, Valley Forge Resort announced they no longer have a membership fee. It’s a great news, for the new class 2 casino who can now operate like other Pennsylvania casinos. But also are no longer confined by its “resort” category license.

Following the news, the Valley Forge Casino Resort CEO send a pressed release. In it, he said. “Since opening 5 years ago, the law required us to take membership fees. Many of our guests felt confused and frustrated by that. But today, We’re happy to welcome our guests in the same manner as the other Pennsylvania casinos. Lifting this rule allows us to better serve our existing guests. It puts us in a better position to attract new visitors to our property.”Valley Forge Casino Resort lift its membership fee

More expansion for the Valley Forge Casino Resort

In the same press release, the CEO confirmed they’ll add up to 15 poker tables and as many as 250 slot machines. When asked to comment about an online venture he said. “Our immediate first steps are to lift the access restrictions. Secondarily we’ll explore the options related to expanding our gaming offerings.”

The first $1M checks in a Pennsylvania banks courtesy of new gambling law.

Just 2 days after Pennsylvania approved the new gaming law. The Valley Forge Casino paid its new license fee at the cost of $1 million and the bank of PA received their first check. By doing so, the “resort” category confinement was lifted. Now the Valley Forge Casino Resort operates as a category 2 as stated by the new law.

Of course, we expect many other venues to pay their license fees soon. In fact, the new LIVE! $50 million license fees are due on 15th November. Rest assured, we’ll report any financial growth in PA on our site. So, bookmark this page to stay on top of the development.