Roulette games now available in online casino PA. Are you a fan of roulette? You’re not alone! In fact, this classic table game is the favorite of many. The great news is that since October 2017, Pennsylvania residents can now enjoy it online too. If you’re not familiar with online casinos and the type of games they offer, you’ve landed at the right place. On this page, we’ll cover the different types of games found in online casino PA. Plus, we’ll give you tips so that you can make the most of your casino session.

The different types of roulette games available in online casino PA.

Online casino Pennsylvania offer roulette games in 2 different formats. The first format and most common one is the 2D games and the second format is the live dealer games. So what are the differences between these 2 game formats?PA online roulette

2D roulette games.

2D games are very common in online casinos. In fact, they are widely spread and users can play them in both fun mode and real money mode. 2D classic table games generally have their own tab in the casino lobby. So they’re really easy to find. Most games are developed in HTML 5 but there’s still a few that uses Flash. Which means to access 2D games you’d be wise to update your flash player before trying to launch a game. A great thing about HTML 5 games is that they don’t require any plugin to run smoothly. Additionally, these games are available on a desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Perfect to practice strategy

2D games are excellent for players who are looking to test newly acquired strategy. You’re probably familiar with the Martingale theory but also the Paroli system. Both types of system are progressive ones. Which means you’ll need a good bankroll to put them in practice. Of course like all strategy you’ll possibly need a bit of time to master it. If it’s your case you should know that 2D games are perfect for you. This is because they generally how lower table limits but also because they’re accessible in fun and demo mode. So you don’t have to put in your own money to test strategies.

Live dealer roulette games

Live dealer roulette games are not common in online casino PA yet. But, as the market matures we’re expecting more online casinos to offer them. live dealer games are super fun! They allow you to experience the real vibe of a casino from the comfort of your home or on the go. Live games are the favorite of many because players can chat with the live dealers but also get hints on what other players a betting on. Plus it’s always more fun to watch real dealers spin real balls!

Live dealer games are perfect for beginners and high rollers!

Even if the table limits are generally a bit higher then on 2D games, live games are perfect for beginners. Why? Well, it’s simple! New casino players can ask questions to the dealer before placing a wager. Not only this but, regularly dealers will give betting tips to players. They’re many games available in the live casino lobby. In fact, most casinos offer live blackjack, live poker and live baccarat to their players.

You should know that most live dealer games have their own tab on casino websites. So they’re really easy to find.

If you’re a high roller you’ll love live casino games because they offer much higher table limits and dedicated tables to VIP players. Which means you’ll have the chance to play with the best dealers there is and place bets up to $10,000 a spin if you want.

The different types of roulette games available in online casino pa

As you probably already know they are different types of games. Here we’re not talking about 2D games and live dealer ones. On the contrary, we’re talking about completely different games with different table layout and even a different amount of numbers.

The most common type found in online casinos are the European and the American ones.

They’re very easy to distinguish. The American game uses 2 zeros instead of one, a single zero and a double zero. While the European game only uses a single zero. It does not take a math genius to know that the more numbers there are on a roulette the lower are the hit frequency. So If you’re new to this game you should always try to find a European table. You’ll stand a better chance at winning!PA online roulette

Play for free

In case you didn’t know many online casinos give welcome bonuses to new players. Which means you can play roulette for real with free money. Make sure to read our free money section to grab an offer tailor to your needs.

After all, playing with real money is always more fun, wouldn’t you say? Have fun and good luck!